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Why Does My Boiler Keep Turning Itself Off?

29 June 2018

Why Does My Boiler Keep Turning Itself Off?

Is this a question that you’ve been asking yourself whilst you’re sat at home? If it is then these following tips may be able to give you the help that you need to resolve the issue. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is actually illegal for unregistered people to work on gas appliances, flues, and fittings in your home. It doesn’t matter whether you own the property or not.

Low Water Pressure

Is it possible that your boiler could be leaking? Or is there maybe a leak somewhere else in the house? Perhaps you need to repressurise your boiler from time to time? However, if this is not the case then you might have a faulty pressure relief valve and this will ultimately need to hire an engineer to replace it.

Lack Of Water Flow

If your boiler keeps turning itself off then this could be due to closed valves. If there is air caught in the system or a broken pump. The boiler is switching itself off due to in built safety mechanisms. This is because if this did not shut down, then the boiler could overheat.

If there is air in the system, then by bleeding radiators could resolve the problem. Check to see if your radiators are as warm as they should be, then if not bleed it. If there is enough air in the system to cause your boiler to switch itself off, it should be obvious when you start bleeding your radiators, as plenty of air will gush out of them.

A closed valve will also prevent the water from flowing properly within the boiler. Check the valves on the underside of the boiler as you may have closed one accidentally. However, the broken valve may be inside the boiler, in which case you will be unable to fix it if you are not Gas Safe Registered. You will be unable to repair a broken boiler pump yourself and will need to contact an engineer.


If your thermostat is broken then your boiler will not be able to realise the temperature that of the water and because of this it will then shut itself down in order to prevent any chance of the boiler overheating or because it will assume that it has already reached the required temperature. You will need to replace your thermostat as you could save money by buying a newer thermostat which will reduce the price of your energy bills in the future.

If you find that you’re having this problem with your boiler then don’t hesitate to give Phoenix Gas Services a call today on 01782 564448!

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