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Heat water for your Home using Energy from the Sun

Solar water heating systems use FREE heat from the sun to warm hot water. The technology is well developed with a large choice of equipment to suit many applications, solar hot water heating is Europe’s fastest growing renewable technology.

One of the myths that surround this technology is that it is not suited to the UK climate, in fact because it uses solar radiation not just direct sunlight you can achieve between 50 – 70% of your annual domestic hot water usage. Plus, combined with an efficient back up heat source you can run an extremely efficient heating system for all your hot water demands.

What are the benefits of Solar Hot Water?
  1. Hot water throughout the year: The system works all year round.
  2. Cut your bills: Sunlight is FREE, so once you have paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced.
  3. Cut your Carbon Footprint: Solar hot water is a green, renewable energy system and will greatly reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.
Cost & Savings

The cost of installing a typical solar water heating system is around £2,500 to £5,000 (Including VAT at 5%). The biggest savings will be made in the Spring and Summer months as the system will provide most of your hot water needs during this time.

Is Solar Thermal suitable for my Home?

You will need about 5 square metres of available roof space which faces east to west through south and receives direct sunlight for the main part of the day without any shading. You will also need space for a solar cylinder.

The panels can be fixed to a frame on a flat roof or hung from a wall also. 

Most Boiler and hot water cylinder systems are compatible with solar water heating but if you currently have a combination boiler without a hot water tank, a solar hot water system may not be compatible.

One of our expert surveyors will be able to assess your home and advise you of the most appropriate and cost effective technology. 


Maintenance is generally very low and to make sure your system is working properly and has the right levels of anti-freeze present it is recommended to have a yearly service. Our current price for this is £85 inc VAT.

How They Work

Solar domestic hot water systems normally use a solar collector fixed to a roof, you need on average around 3 to 4 sq meters of southeast to south west facing roof space which receives direct sunlight. These solar collectors feed heated water into a water storage cylinder that is designed for use with solar systems, the water heated in the cylinder is then used to supply hot water to the home.

The two main types of solar collector systems:

  • Flat plate systems – which are comprised of an absorber plate with a transparent cover to collect the sun’s heat.
  • Evacuated tube systems – which are comprised of a row of glass tubes that each contain an absorber plate feeding into a manifold which transports the heated fluid.

At Phoenix Renewable Technologies we work with leading brand manufacturers to ensure we offer the most efficient systems to our customers, we offer both flat plate and evacuated tube systems and all roof work is done by professional roofing contractors who specialise in fitting solar equipment.

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