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Free Hot Water

If you have a Solar PV system already installed or are thinking about having a new system installed then add FREE hot water to the benefits!

Immersion Controllers

We currently install both ImmerSUN and SOLiC 200 Solar Immersion Controllers.


The ImmerSUN PV water heating works by monitoring your PV export and when it sees that you are exporting your free energy it redirects the free PV energy to your immersion heater or other heating source.

The ImmerSUN PV water heating system is a simple and straight forward option to heat water and your house with solar PV panels. In essence the immerSUN hot water controller is a solar water heater.

The ImmerSUN checks the first source of heating regularly to ensure that it is kept up to temperature.

You also do not need to have an immersion heater to take advantage of your free PV power from the ImmerSUN as it will happily work on other heating sources without an immersion heater as long as they are on their own fused circuit.

  1. Reduces energy bills (Save up to £250) and still get 50% FIT Tariff.
  2. Utilises the free electricity being generated.
  3. Easy to read monitor displaying savings made.
  4. Future proof, trouble free operation with all Inverters.
  5. Robust testing.
  6. Reduces your carbon footprint.

Download the ImmerSUN FAQ sheet here.

Immersun New

SOLiC 200

The award-winning SOLiC 200 automatically converts energy generated by existing PV panels into hot water. The SOLiC 200 is self contained and has a hard-wired mains-powered sensor to ensure maximum reliability.

The SOLiC 200 is guaranteed for 10 years and has been designed, constructed and fully tested in Britain to the highest CE standards. The unit can be installed quickly and easily by our qualified electricians without the need for any plumbing alterations.

It is also the most efficient device of its kind on the market as it operates with a zero export threshold and checks for excess solar power 20 times a second.

Download the SOLiC Fact Sheet here.

SOLiC 200 on board WS

If you have a Solar PV system already installed or are thinking about having a new system installed then add FREE hot water to the benefits!

If you install an Immersion Controller alongside your PV system you can effectively heat your water for free using your own green energy. Surplus energy from your PV panels can be diverted to heat your water using your immersion heater, turning your PV system into a solar hot water heating system.

The controller allows excess solar power to be diverted to the immersion heater before it is exported to the national grid.They are simple to use, maintenance free and can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

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