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Why Does My Central Heating work, Yet I Have No Hot Water?

3 September 2018

No Hot Water But Central Heating Works

A common problem that occurs in boilers is that the central heating works, but the boiler provide no hot water. Sometimes, the hot water will only work when the central heating in on, and other times it may not even work at all. This may be down to:

The Controls

The boiler may not be broken; it could just be that the hot water thermostat control has been turned down to zero. Even if you haven’t touched the thermostat in a while, it is still worth checking just in case it has been knocked by something, therefore pushing it down to zero.

boiler replacement runcorn

Low Flow Rates

In colder months, combination boilers can have ‘low flow rates’, which may lead you to think that there is no hot water – this is because the flow of water between the heat exchange has been reduced. To solve this issue, you simply have to run the hot water tap at a slower rate than you normally would.

PIPE leak

Broken Diverter Valves

Diverter valves switch between the hot water and the central heating system. When you turn your tap on, the valve temporarily shuts off the heat supply to the central heating system, and when you turn the taps off, heat is then directed at feeding the radiators, so understandably, if the diverter valves break, there won’t be a supply of heat to either the central heating system or the hot water system. Over time, the diverter valves can become faulty, so it is recommended that they are replaced if this is believed to be the problem.

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