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Why Does My Boiler Keep Tripping The Electricity?

5 September 2018

Why Does My Keep Trip The Electricity?

If you are finding that your boiler is tripping the electricity, it is likely to be a fault or leak within your boiler system. There are many different causes as to why it may be tripping the electricity, but it is likely to be down to there being a leak or a buildup of moisture in the system.

What Do I Check For?


Just like on windows, condensation can also form in boilers on cold or rainy days. The condensation that forms can drip down the angled flue and into the boiler system, this then trips the electricity due to the buildup of moisture that is caused. To stop this issue, you can replace parts of the boiler that are susceptible to condensation, like the boiler flue.


Water leaks in boilers can be caused by corrosion, faulty pump seals, or high water pressures. If leaks are not sorted, the problems that they cause will continue to get worse, until eventually, you will have to replace the whole system. To sort this problem, you should get help from a professional, as they will also be able to look for any internal leaks in the system that you may not be able to see.

PIPE leak

Damaged Wiring and Insulation 

If any parts of your boiler are open to moisture from the inside or outside, this may cause the electricity to trip as a safety precaution. The moisture coming from outside may be due to there being poor insulation between the boiler flue and the outside. So, if there are any areas open to moisture, it is recommended that you replace the parts that are causing the buildup of moisture, or add more insulation to the area between the flue and the outside.

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Making sure that your boiler is working well is paramount as we head into the winter months. We would recommend getting your boiler serviced once every 12 months so if you’re looking to book a boiler service then be sure to choose Phoenix Gas for a thorough and high standard check of your appliance. Fill in the form down below to book yours today. We are a trusted traders rated company guaranteed to provide a high quality service for you.

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