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Why Does My Boiler Keep Clicking?

4 September 2018

Boiler Problems

So you can hear a clicking sound coming from your home gas boiler. From which you start to worry about what is going wrong. Phoenix Gas is here to tell you why your boiler is making a clicking sound. It is a wise idea to know your boiler and how it works. So that when something does go wrong you know how to fix the issue. Or to ensure you know who to call when you know that you need help with your appliance.

If you have a boiler service annually then you should be able to avoid any issues that may occur over the course of the year. Until the next service but should the worst happen then this is why your boiler is making a clicking sound.

So Why Does My Boiler Keep Clicking?

Firstly, the most common sources of the click sound problem in your home heating system are. Your boiler may be quite old, it could be using an inducer which is a motor powered fan which is used to remove smoke and other substances from the oil. If this becomes loose inside the system then this can cause a clicking sound. Or if there is a build up of soot this can also interfere with the process and cause a clicking noise but due to the fan being an old model. It is best to call a professional such as ourselves.

If the bearing in the motor inside the appliance is worn, this will cause the noise that you can hear. When left alone and neglected this will result in the motor burning itself out and then this will cause expensive repairs. It would be wise to hire a professional such as Phoenix Gas to take a look at your boiler in order to make sure that it is resolved effectively before it costs you.

Your gas valve is in your boiler and you will know that there is a problem with your gas valve if the clicking sound you hear is intermittent, and also has no discernible pattern to it. That means by law it is required to call your gas supplier to fix it.

It could also be the pilot light on the boiler of certain models of furnaces will click when the light is not operating as it should do. Over time and use the pilot assemblies can become bent, worn or loose so the light will not work. The clicking sound that you can hear will indicate that your light is faulty which can cause gas issues. In this event, you must call a professional such as Phoenix Gas straight away!


Making sure that your boiler is working well is paramount as we head into the winter months. We would recommend getting your boiler serviced once every 12 months so if you’re looking to book a boiler service then be sure to choose Phoenix Gas for a thorough and high standard check of your appliance. Fill in the form down below to book yours today. We are a trusted traders rated company guaranteed to provide a high quality service for you.


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